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Surprise Birthday for Keith

DJ Dave and Silas were in Nashua helping Lisa surprise Keith for his 50th Birthday and WOW did we have a great time. They LOVED the Photo booth and we simply just had fun!!!

Michael & Emily

DJ Mike traveled to Pittsburgh, NH for a wedding at "at Bear Tree" which is a beautiful venue in the Great White North of New Hampshire. The most spectacular part of the day was towards the end when a rainbow appeared and everyone was able to take in the beauty and get some great pictures

Jonathan & Josceline

DJ David & DJ Dave teamed up at Searles Castle in Windham for a breathtaking wedding. We absolutely loved this venue. The castle is awesome and the grounds where the ceremony and reception were held are fantastic! I recommend this place if you are able to go as it really was one of our favorite new venues of the year

Allie & Jordan

Streak Intact... OK since 2014 DJ Dave has not had a wedding ceremony moved inside because of weather, and this was a wonderful 20 minute window that allowed Jordan & Allie to get married outside at the Gazebo Dell Lea is one of our FAVORITE venues as the staff is wonderful, the food is great and everything is close by, we really enjoyed helping Allie & Jordan celebrate and are glad we dodged raindrops to keep the streak alive :)

Kelli & Brian

Harris Pelham Inn is a beautiful location for a wedding, we had so much fun working with our friends Jack & Lana from New England Wedding Photography as we helped Brian and Kelli celebrate with our photo booth

Birthday Fun in Lowell

My Friends in Lowell had a Surprise party for Jenny Lee and her mother we had a lot of fun in the sun, until the neighbors complained about the noise... then we had fun with a lower volume :)

Shirley & Dylan

What fun we had helping Shirley and Dylan celebrate, the rain held off and we had a beautiful ceremony. The family was awesome and the location on the family property was beautiful

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